Thank you for supporting Manoke! Hope you find the app valuable and enjoyable in your musical journey! 
1. What does the name Manoke signifiy?
Manoke comes from a Japanese root (man - orchestra). The app enables one to practice along with a full orchestra. You have the ability to turn various instrument tracks on/off giving you fine-grained control over how you want to practice 

2. I can not find many songs I like to practice on Manoke. Why is that?
Manoke has taken the approach of creating a song library that its users want. We do it by asking a user to Request a Song. If other users also Upvote we go ahead and assign it to a producer to fulfill the Request. So our library has several popular and newly released songs across languages and genres. However we will continue to enhance it based on your Requests. 

3. I made a Request for a song a week ago and still the song is unavailable on the app. Why does it take so long?
We work with a smalll group of music composers and producers at this time. So based on their workload sometimes it could take longer than usual. Most of the times we try to turn around request with sufficient Upvotes within a few days. 

4. Can I get a printed copy of the music sheet for a song? 
At this point we do not provide this feature primairly to protect the interests of the original composer and the producer who transcribed the song. However for newly created songs there is option to view a whole page of notation. This feature is available in the latest version 3.2. 

5. What are the free lessons included with the app?

Manoke works with several leading music schools and independent teachers in the country. We will be featuring lessons from these teachers that will be available to all users of Manoke. This will include lessons for beginning piano, guitar, drums, etc which can help anyone to get started with basic training that will include sight reading and playing with a backing track. Please share feedback and we will continue to embellish the lesson set.