Making music education a part of equitable classrooms!

“The Real danger is not that computers are beginning to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers” – Sydney J. Harris 

Our education system is doing its best to make this prediction come true. Excessive focus on rote learning, memorization/regurgitation of facts, teaching-to-test, etc all ensure our children are set up for failure as machines continue to become better, faster and cheaper at cognitive skills that used to be the bastion of human intelligence.

What still remains out of the realm of machines are higher-order thinking, creativity, innovation and scientific inquiry. These skills are not only important but vital, and we need to ensure that the present and upcoming generation develop these skills to survive and thrive. 

Evidence pointing to better productivity, academic performance, smartness (IQ), improved temporal/spatial skills, and general well being have surfaced time and again with even elementary music education. With improving reach, access, and quality in music education we can expect to take a notch up to an entire generation.

In countries such as India, national education policies are trying to address this by bringing back multi-faceted, multi-level, play-based, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning with special focus on music and fine arts throughout all levels of school. By 2040, all higher education institutions like IITs will become multidisciplinary. There will be greater inclusion of arts and humanities subjects for science students and vice-versa. 

While the policies are well laid out, the implementation has been challenging due to infrastructure issues, (non) availability of skilled teachers and lack of quality and consistency in content and pedagogy. The recent Covid pandemic has only made it far worse. Technology has always been an enabler In bridging the past and future. It helps deploy innovative solutions widely at scale at an ever-decreasing marginal cost. While technology will never replace a good teacher, it can certainly make them more effective and take the tedium out of their daily work. And technology can certainly level the field for students. 

Manoké is a platform designed with this philosophy; taking quality, and benchmarked music education to masses. Built with the music teachers and musicians, the platform makes the learning effective with the help of latest technologies such as visualization, AI/ML, Blockchain, Indie-commerce etc, further empowering the formal music teachers. We are happy to have entered  a strategic partnership with Musee Musicals, a school with 150 years of legacy and traditions in India, to deliver the NEP vision. 

A shout out to the community who is working tirelessly to build the next generation. Let us all contribute to make music a part of equitable classrooms!

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